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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Girls and young women shredding guitar

What is going on? If you haven't spent a few hours checking out youtube video's lately you better have a look. There are a lot of girls and young women between five and fifteen years old that can shred guitar like a jaded old rocker. There is a few boys that can do it too but it seems to me the boys are not at the level of the girls.

Here's a couple:

There are lots more. I suspect that before the end of the decade the typical age of a working guitar player will be under 21. What are they feeding these children? How can an eight year old play Ozzy Osbourne almost as good as the man himself? Why do girls and young women want to play the most scorching hot classic rock there is? Clearly, they are Rockers. Nobody but a Rocker would risk being that far out of date. I tell people all the time that the only time I have anything to do with trends is when I am setting them. These young ladies are the embodiment of that sentiment.

Time will tell but it looks like interesting times ahead.


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