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There has never been a time when music collaboration has been so easy. In the privacy of your own home. You don't have to lug your gear anywhere. I wish we always had this.

Friday, June 05, 2009


This is only my second review, but it's quick. It was a bit of a disappointment. It started out good. It has a video that promises easy real-time jamming with anyone, anywhere. So naturally I signed up. Turns out to be some kind of a waiting list. Maybe if there is enough interest, someday type-deal.

Well, there are plenty of sites that actually work, right now. So I give these guys a .5 rating for now.


Welcome back

Hi everyone,

I have just finished some well needed renovations on the site. I have set a list of all known music collaboration sites on the right side and I intend to use the left side for it's proper role as blog posts. I will start work on testing the music collaboration sites but it's liable to take a while. Offers of help would be appreciated.