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Friday, February 25, 2011

Old Guitar Strings

I have recently started playing with one of those rare breed of guitar players, a recluse. He has been playing guitar for years. He has rarely played with anyone else. He never practiced with a drum machine before. He never used delay for a microphone before. He is very good although being self-taught his theory is all over the place and incomplete. Each new song he learns is a subjective adventure for him and I enjoy watching his excitement as he learns new techniques.

He told me he had had his electric guitar for seven years. I looked at it and played it for a minute. It too obviously needed new strings. I didn't want to offend or embarrass him but I couldn't stand to see him playing on those old strings so on my next trip to the music store I picked up a set of strings, $4.00. Next time I saw him I handed him the package, He says: "What's this". I was taken aback by the statement. The guy had been playing for seven years and didn't even recognize a package of guitar strings.

I know I must be very tactful with a rare individual like this. However, let's gently encourage all of our guitar playing friends with this habit to put on new strings, every 30 hours or so of playing time. They got their moneys worth out of those strings. It is just taking away from their enjoyment of the instrument using those dull thud strings. It gives you a reason to go to the music store and look around. Keep up with new things, maybe meet another musician. It's win,win,win.

My friend, Be happy and get some new strings.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Site

Hi Everyone,

We have a new Music Collaboration. They just asked for submission.
They have some new upgrades they have been working on for the past few months. It seems to have some professional functions.

Good luck.