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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Multi-effector, alternative hookups.

Hi everyone,

It's been a while but things are moving ahead. I have started working out with a drummer and I am getting the motivation to move forward with new collaboration. My new multi-effector arrived and is working well.

It being ordinarily a rack mount PA device, I found it short of a few accessories in/outs that I require for my digital recording efforts. I tried several combinations of hookups. I tried using the effects loop on an amplifier. Not so good, it was OK for live PA but it was too noisy for recording. So I tried making a loop from a spare output on my board to a input channel on the board. It was quieter but I lost much of the dynamic range. I thought about what to do for a few weeks and it occurred to me that I am always using headphones jacks for line outs, I wonder if I could use two line outs for a headphone jack. I was a little concerned, I didn't want to hurt anything. However, I went forward. I turned everything down planning to turn volumes up gradually. It worked as well as I could have hoped for. Very quiet, good stereo response. using the main/master output on my board I was able to balance left/right and the volume. I put that signal into Peavey headphone distribution system called a PD-4. I have all the clean stereo outputs I can use. The headphones will have the same signal as will be fed to the audio program on the computer. I am able to change the sound 3200 different ways just by turning a knob. It's perfect for jamming.

I'll let you know how it works for recording when I do a little more of it.

Cheers, :)

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